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Fears of Goalkeeping

– Ultimate Goalkeeping (UGK) combats this fear by demonstrating successful fundamental techniques. Fear reduces through success and repetition. The unknown is frightening, the known is not. Ultimate GK develops the Goalkeeper psychologically, as well. The Goalkeeper learns to control his environment and learns to believe in his techniques; the conceptsof aggression, control, and attacking turn the Goalkeeper’s thinking from passive to active, and from cannon fodder into the General. Goalkeepers will experience injury in their career. But, Ultimate Goalkeeping also focuses on Injury Prevention techniques to minimize the chances and reduce injury – a confident goalkeeper is an unafraid goalkeeper.

Failure – “They scored on ME, I let the team down.” Such is the thinking of a rational human being, and alas, while sometimes “less than rational “, the Goalkeeper, as well. Psychologically, failure hangs like an anchor around Goalkeepers before and after a mistake – especially young Goalkeepers who have yet to learn and experience confidence and success. Ultimate Goalkeeping focuses on success and creating positive experiences and a foundation for Goalkeepers to build upon. Make no mistake: UGK is a tenacious, intensive, perfection-driven System. However, UGK teaches through victory – through repetitive success, the Goalkeeper gains confidence and understanding. Psychologically, UGK attacks each failure and transfers it into knowledge for future success. UGK focuses the Goalkeeper on the present and on moving forward, ready for the next challenge. Through Visualization and Psycho Cybernetics, UGK teaches Goalkeepers the psychological skills to translate fail ure into future victory. In addition, through VIDEO ANALYSIS, UGK works with Goalkeepers to turn mistakes into successes, instilling confidence. A confident Goalkeeper is unafraid of failure.

Embarrassment – “If I try and fail, everyone will hate me and laugh at me”. Ahhh -Picking the ball out of the back of the net. It’s a long walk. Especially when the Goalkeeper knows he made a mistake, and especially when the opposing team is celebrating like it’s the World Cup! And, yes, everyone IS looking at you, Mr. or Miss Goalkeeper. The Mistakes of a Goalkeeper are read by all on the scoreboard. Tough –especially on young Goalkeepers. Ultimate Goalkeeping breeds Generals. UGK teaches Goalkeepers to look beyond the score and focus on their own performance and contributions to the team. The team always goes as goes the Goalkeeper. At UGK, we recognize this fact and build our Goalkeepers accordingly. While failure is a teaching tool, embarrassment has no place in the minds of our Goalkeepers – we wipe it out. Psychologically, UGK teaches our Goalkeepers their place as the Quarterback of the team, as the General on the field. Knowledge is power and we arm our Goalkeepers both physically and psychologically with tools to create highly skilled Goalkeepers and Leaders. UGK never gives up on a play and never gives in to embarrassment. A confident Goalkeeper is unafraid of mistakes, because he never gives up.

At Ultimate GK we recognize these psychological barriers and work Goalkeepers through them by instilling knowledge, teaching confidence through that knowledge and setting up a  success-rich environment.  The fears of “Failure, Embarrassment, and Injury” are common fears all individuals must overcome both psychologically and physically everyday for a lifetime.  We confront those fears and teach techniques to overcome them, leading to better Goalkeepers now, and better people ultimately.

Goalkeeping Fitness – THE EDGE – Ramsey, NJ - Mike Silva, CEO

To be Ultimate,  a Goalkeeper must be physically fit with a strong core. We must dedicate part of our training time to improve our strength, conditioning, and flexibility. There is no better gym offering more classes and more options than The EDGE in Ramsey NJ. From Personal Trainers to Nutrition to Core Training, The EDGE has everything you need to attain your goal. http://www.edgeworkout.com