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“There is no other Goalkeeper Trainer that teaches Tactics the way you do.  I see Goalkeepers commonly making mistakes that our Goalkeepers at the Sting just don’t make.  Your instruction is light years above the basic drills and training others give.  Your Plyometrics Training is unique to your curriculum and given our Goalkeepers jumping abilities no other Goalkeepers have. Our Goalkeepers at the Sting are known as the best in New York, and that’s something we are proud of, and something YOU are responsible for!”

Rachael Safirstein – Director ISA Sting/CEO FC STING

“Just wanted to give you a bit of feedback while it’s fresh in my head. The training sessions over the winter have been a huge benefit, it really shows, THANKS! Kayla played very solid last week in the 2 colonial league games, she played both full games a win (2-1) and a tie (2-2), As for Jefferson Cup…Some key saves pulled rtight out of the 1v1 drills, she attacked, saw the golden touch, took the space, and it’s a save! 2 of these great saves coming off her line to make huge saves way out, almost to the 18!”

Bill Klatt – American’s Liberty U14

“The time Ryan Garland has spent with the Goalkeeper of my daughter’s team has paid off in spades. His understanding of the position and its many intricacies, along with his ability to convey information in a concise and applicable manner, make for an exciting and effective training session.”

William Gilligan

“If I haven’t done so already, THANKS for all the time you spent training and inspiring Christina. She is all the more confident after Ultimate GK. And she wants to get better. She has improved greatly since working with you and more importantly has found a true love for the position.  She made Varsity because of you, so thank you again.”

Ben Esposito

“Gianpaolo has really enjoyed everything and he has learned A LOT!  (Honestly, I never thought he’d be excited about breakaways… ha ha). I was a bit concerned because he is younger than everyone in the group and might get intimidated; however,your method of coaching and teaching is dead on! He is getting better but we are most impressed by your connection with the players. Very inspirational for someone watching as well as the players.”

Nick Colannino

“It was amazing to watch Ali in the goal today as parents. She seemed so confident and in control.We also heard her communicating from the sidelines.It was nice for her to be in the spotlight this weekend. We truly believe that your coaching has helped her tremendously. So you should receive credit as well.
 Thanks again.”

Jodie and Jon Sorkin –